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Announcement of Blue Shield Award for Security and 

Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Initiated by China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology (CIAPST) and Security Document Summit Committee, Blue Shield Award for Security and Anti-counterfeiting Technology has been the Top Award in Chinese security and anti-counterfeiting industry. Since its establishment in 2010.  

It’s CIAPST and Security Document Summit Committee’s mission to promote the development of security and anti-counterfeiting technological innovation and application and exchange of technologies and applications applied on security fields. To achieve the goal, we take Blue Shield Award as a way to facilitate the upgrading of security and anti-counterfeiting technologies.

Blue Shield Award specially set Domestic and Overseas Market Development Award to recognize the outstanding contribution of international companies and is evaluated every two years.

Based on the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness, members of Blue Shield Award Committee will strictly follow the selection procedures and improve evaluating standards.

Hereby notify the related matters as follows:

I. Eligible Organizations or Individuals:

1. Foreign-investment enterprises that have business in China

2. Colleges and Universities

3. Research Institutes

4. Individuals who have made great contributions to security and anti-counterfeiting


II. Domestic and Overseas Market Development Award Qualifications

1. Companies that have advanced operating ideas and marketing model in Chinese market expanding and adopt continuously stable marketing strategies with excellent performance in market expansion and business operation;

2. Companies that have worked and run over two years in the business being expanded;

3. Companies that have good brand image, operate and pay taxes according to the law and do their business honestly;

4. Companies that actively shoulder social responsibility and take part in public goods;

5. Companies whose main businesses are not high-polluting and products are  environmentally-friendly.


III. Schedule for Selection

1. Registration: Aug. 26, 2019 – Nov. 12, 2019

2. Preliminary evaluation: Nov.18, 2019 -- Nov.22, 2019

Results of preliminary evaluation will be published at www.sds-china.com.cn.

3. Re-evaluation: Nov.25, 2019 -- Nov.26, 2019

4. Awards ceremony: Dec.10, 2019 – Dec.11, 2019

Winners will be released at Award Ceremony in 15th Security Document Summit (SDS) during Dec.10, 2019 to Dec.11, 2019.



V. Notices

1. All applicants can fill in the application forms (see annexes) according to the requirements since the issue of this announcement. All relevant proof documents shall be submitted to Blue Shield Award Committee Secretariat before Nov.12, 2019 in duplicate and marked with “Blue Shield Award”.

(Please refer to the application form for details of required materials.

2. Selection for Blue Shield Award is completely free of charge.


VI. Contact Information

Jessica Zhao (+86-18163922269)

Tel: +86-10-85621202    Fax: +86-10-85621202-807

Email: cids@vip.163.com

Address: Room 1202A, HUA SHENG International Building, No.12 Yabao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China.

Please click here to download the relevant materials:

Annex:Application Form for Domestic and Overseas Market Development Award 

Security Identification Union
1202A , Huasheng International Building Jianguomen,Chaoyang District , Beijing , China +86-010-85621202 cids@vip.163.com