Products and technologies on banknote, ID documents, financial card, financialbills, high security files, ticket,brand protection

  Security Design and Printing Platemaking

Security design system, Security design service, Platemaking


Security paper, security inks, security materials, fibre, thread, taggants, holography material, label material.

  Banknotes and Securities technology

Engraving Intaglio, watermark technology, Security thread, holographic technology, OVI/OVMI, microlettering, invisible markers

✿  ID Docuemnts, Smart cards and RFID

Substrate(PVC, PET, PETG, PC, ABS etc.), security features, printing machine,chips, personalization machine, antenna,reading machine,smart card system intergration technology and application solution,RFID, NFC traceability solution,laminated plate

✿  Trace and Track Technology and Solutions:

Product authentication solutions, product anti-counterfeiting technology, traceability, mobile authentication, big data management and marketing system and solutions, variable data printing technology and machine.

  Digital Security Identification and Recognization Technology

Biometrics Technology,block chain technology solution,artificial intelligence technology solution in security document,digital stamp etc.

  Smart, SecurityLabel and Packaging Technical Solutions

Hologram label,anti-counterfeiting label,smart label, RFID label,active label,intelligent packaging solutions,packaging intergration, packaging optimization technology and solutions etc.

  Security Document Reader and Detection Equipment

ID card reader quipment, E-passport checking equipment,document checker, automatic border control equipment, ID management information system

✿  Security Printing Equipment and Detection Technology

Banknote, security document, securities printing quipment, post-process finishing, quality testing quipment

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