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Opening Ceremony

Guest speaker

Deputy Director, The Science and Technology Information Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security

Deputy Director, Currency Gold and Silver Bureau of the People’s Bank of China

Director, The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic

General Director, The First Research Institute of Public Security Ministry

General Director, China International Association For Promotion of Science and Technology

General Director, China Security and Protection Industry Association of Public Security Ministry

General Director, China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation

Director, China Postage Stamp Printing Bureau

Summit Forum Speaker


Session: ID and Travel Documents

  INTERPOL’s Tool and Latest Development in Document Fraud

Malik Alibegovic,Forensic Analyst at INTERPOL's Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents

  Future Trends in the Issuance of Security Cards – Cloud Intelligence Network, Safe and Simple

Wei Jin Lee,Regional Director of Asia Pacific, HID Global

  Thinking and Suggestion For the Next Generation of Legal Documents

Jiangheng Lin, The First Research Institute Research of Public Security Ministry

  Development of Travel Document Security and Identification

Beijing General Station of Immigration Inspection of Bureau of National Immigration Administration

  Innovative Turnkey Solutions for ID Documents

Peter BachSenior Product Manager of Muehlbauer GmbH & CO. KG

  De La Rue (TBC)

Session: Production and Issuance of Banknote

  The Issuance and Machine Upgrades of the Fifth Version of RMB in 2019

Currency Gold and Silver Bureau, the People's Bank of China

  The Design and Anti-counterfeiting Interpretation of the Fifth Version of RMB in 2019

China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation

  The Unknown Secrets of Counterfeits Revealed by Snowfish

Ernesto Gonzalez,  Snowfish Board member 

  Digital Printing and Security Design

Barna Barabas, Deputy Managing Director of the JURA Group

  Realising the Full Potential of Magnetic Optical Colour Changing Pigment Effect

Lei ren, General manager of Shanghai GaoYin CO.,LTD

  Technical Application and Innovation of Plastic Banknotes

KBA-NotaSys S.A.

  Development and traceability construction of global tax stamp

Steve Craig, Director of Komor

  Exploiting randomness to provide unique identification and counterfeit protection

Alex Stevenson, High-level print&ink consultancy of Techrem UK

Session: Development of Basic Materials

  Unveiling new innovative concepts for passports and identification cards

Henry Leung, Global Segment Manager at Covestro Specialty Films

  Chin Chee Hoong

PPG Technical Service Manager, TESLIN® Substrate Products

  Flexibly Tuneable Smartphone Recognizable Plasmonic Colours

Zhicheng Ye, Chairman&Technical Director, Xiamen Wenano Optronics Co..Ltd.

  Prospect of Micro-nano Optical Technology Applied in Card Security

Zhijian Zhu, General manager, SVG Optronics co., LTD. (TBC)

  Innovation Breakthrough in the Field of Anti-counterfeiting Materials

China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation

  The Development and Application of PC Substrate


Session: Plan of Chinese Government Project

  A Brief Introduction of Chinese Driver License

Liying Yu, Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security

  Na Li, Division Head of Information Center

Human Resource and Social Security Ministry of China(TBC)

  Yuqing Liang

Director of Beijing Transport Scientific Research Institute

  Xiaobo Guo

Director of The First Research Institute of Public Security Ministry(TBC)

  Bureau of Science and Technology Informatization

Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China  (TBC)

  National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China

Session: Edge Security Identification Technology

  Development of Multidimensional Identity and Trusted Authentication Technology

Rui Yu, Deputy Director, The First Research Institute of Public Security Ministry

  The Role of Human Senses in Digital Document Security

Ian Michael Lancaster, Independent Consultant of Reconnaissance International

  Changxiang Shen  (TBC)

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

  Identity in Artificial Intelligence--The Digital Revolution in the Field of Anti-Fraud

Michael Van Gestel, Global Document & Fraud Expert

  Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Security Documents

Zecang Gu, President of Tianjin Apollo Info-Tech CO. ,Ltd(TBC)

  VisionX ™ Artificial Intelligence Vision System

Qinglu Xie, Chairman and CEO of Melux Technology

  Account security based on face recognition payment

Bo Yang, Cutting-edge Tech Supervisor of National Financial IC Card Security Testing Center (BCTC)

  Patent Fraction of Gesture and Logo Recognition in Video Recognition

Yuqing Liang, Director of Beijing Transport Scientific Research Institute

Session: Commodity Brand Protection

  Direction and Trend of Product Retrospective Supervision in Digital Economy

Huibo Gu, Chairman of Zhejiang Jiaguwen Super Code Technology Group

  System Construction of Anti-counterfeiting and Brand Protection in Johnson  

Yuwei Wang, Global Brand Protection Manager of Johnson & Johnson

  Development and Traceability Construction of Global Tax Stamp

Ian Michael Lancaster, Independent Consultant of Reconnaissance International

  China Anti-counterfeiting Packaging and Traceability Industry Development Report

  Wencai Xu,Professor and PhD tutor of Beijing Institute Of Graphic Communication,Vice General Director of China Printing Technology Association

  Digital Watermarking Printing Technology and Application in Anti-counterfeiting

Qiang Fu, General Manager of Nanjing Huanyin Anti-Counterfeit Technology

  Development and Integration of (QR code) Automatic Identification, Data Acquisition Technology and Artificial Intelligence Technology

Yi Wang, deputy Director of GS1 China

Seminar: Artificial Intelligence Security Identification Technology

With the digital revolution of the 21st century, millennial, governments and corporations have increasing requirements for self-service, quick and reliable document authentication remotely and at scale. 

The revolution is upon us and fraudsters have access to better technology, leaked data and a vast library of faces from social media. This workshop will focus on the challenges global organizations deal with when trying to stop targeted attacks in a document-not-present environment. 

During this interactive workshop we will share some of the digital fraud rings we have detected and the results of our research that can help you make better informed decisions regarding document authenticity in scans and copies.


Intro to fraud and understanding of incidence

Classical document checking

Increase in number of remote checks

Some of the frequent digital attack vectors

Demonstration Make your own ID

AI generated signals to augment decisions

Closing remarks


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