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Customize the special booth to maximize the strength of the enterprise, improve visibility and influence More sufficient space to display the complete products and solutions of the enterprise, through the brand characteristics and publicity needs to build a unique space

  • Provide quality exhibition area of 36 and 54 square meters and above;

  • Prime display area in excellent location

  • You can use the constructors designated by the enterprise or the host service providers to make your own personalized booth construction.

  • Registration fee: Please contact the organizing committee.

Seize the opportunity to register as soon as possible, looking forward to your participation!


9 square meters (3*3) standard booth, the pursuit of cost-effective wise choice

  • Exquisite 9 or 18 square meters of booth space;

  • Complete booth furniture configuration;

  • Set up by the host service providers of the conference, can provide a variety of building style scheme free choice.

  • Registration fee: Please contact the organizing committee

Limited number, not to miss the opportunity to register!


Create an important channel for corporate brand image, give your target customers and partners a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the opportunity

20 minutes per session.

  • 20 minutes of speech will be provided to enterprises in the summit forum

  • Please contact the organizing committee for registration standards and fees

Limited speaking opportunities, first come, first served, not to be missed!


Government units, enterprises, universities, research institutions and industry users of international high-end communication platform

One-day ticket

December 15th Morning  :2022 Identity Recognition Technology Summit Main Forum

December 16th Afternoon:Four Special Forum

  • Forum I: Security Document Technology Development Forum

  • Forum II: Biometric Technology and Security Forum

  • Forum III : Network Trusted Authentication Security Technology Forum

  • Forum IV : Epidemic Prevention and Control and Identity Integration Application Forum

Fees : Limited number, not to miss the opportunity to register!


Gathering International high-end Communication Platform for government units, enterprises, colleges, scientific research institutions and industry users

The benefits of the forum's two-day tickets include:

  • The morning of December 15 identity Technology conference main forum

Four special forums on December 16:

  • Forum 1: Security certificate technology development Forum

  • Forum 2: Biometric technology and Security Forum

  • Forum 3: Network trusted authentication security Technology forum

  • Forum 4: Forum on Integrated Application of Epidemic Prevention and Control and Identity Recognition

  • December 15, all-day security Identification technology summit forum for card signatures

Registration fee:  the number is limited, the opportunity is not to be missed, register quickly!


Seize more display opportunities, so that customers have a strong understanding of the enterprise and brand, the diversity of sponsorship program is your best choice To the best interests and high-quality service back to users, maximize revenue! Come on, show me! Show your high quality products and services to the world!

Sponsorship-related interests include:

Exhibition, speech and participation; Activity scene background board publicity picture; Conference warm-up; Exhibition publication advertisement, exhibition guide advertisement; Opening speech; Publicity opportunities for the Conference; Handbag information, badge, lanyard; Advertorial promotion, activity website recommendation, marketing web mail promotion, industry e-magazine advertising, etc.

Sponsorship category:

Total title, diamond sponsorship, gold sponsorship, silver sponsorship, badge sponsorship, lashings sponsorship, tea break sponsorship, handbag sponsorship, gift sponsorship, dinner sponsorship, access control sponsorship, more opportunities to invite you about!

Please contact the organizing committee for registration standards and fees.


Advertising is one of the most customer-facing ways of enterprise publicity and promotion, with various forms, and corporate sponsored speeches can better display the image comprehensively and comprehensively, increasing credibility Convenient and effective, cost-effective, large amount of information, expand the overall publicity effect

Exhibition guide advertising is the fastest and most convenient way to help exhibition visitors find the target enterprise quickly and easily, and the most intuitive display of the overall situation of the exhibition, which is one of the essential products for every visitor. 5000 copies will be distributed to all exhibition users, representatives and guests.

The advertisement in the journal is another embodiment of displaying the products and strength of the enterprise. The wonderful product promotion picture is equipped with the company introduction and logo, which is a more comprehensive and three-dimensional display, making your customers more trust and trust!

Please contact the organizing committee for registration standards and fees.