IN Groupe has been a partner to the French government for nearly 500 years, offering state-of-the-art identity solutions and secure digital services that integrate electronic, optical and biometric technologies. From components to digital services, including secure documents and interoperable systems, IN Groupe is a global specialist in identity and secure digital services, with a constant, daily presence that helps to make life easier for everyone.

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Whether assisting nations in exercising their sovereignty, or protecting the identity of citizens, or preserving companies’ confidentiality, IN Groupe, as an organisation with digital sovereignty, helps to ensure that everyone has a fundamental right: the Right to Be You. IN Groupe is the new company name of Groupe Imprimerie Nationale. IN Groupe has three affiliated brands, all of which provide leading technologies in their respective markets: SPS for electronic components, Surys for optical and holographic security, and Nexus for digital identity solutions for people and products.

Our vision

Identity is transforming. It is becoming digitised and opening up access to new services, while at the same time requiring new assurances of trust. IN Groupe guarantees the right of everyone to benefit from this transformation in a simple and secure manner. By positioning itself as a specialist in physical and digital identities, the Group contributes to the fulfilment of the Right to Be You. In line with individual needs – and whatever the issues at stake – IN Groupe strives to develop innovative solutions that enable governments, organisations, and citizens to assert their respective sovereignties.