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The people's Printing Plant of Guangzhou ensured to attend 2020 SDS!

The people's Printing Plant of Guangzhou Co., Ltd was founded in 1953. It is a national printing unit which provide customers with middle-to-high-end brand security solutions such as tickets, labels, color printing and packaging.

So far, it has won the titles of China's 100 largest printing companies, China's top 200 advanced packaging companies, national high-tech enterprises and Guangdong's famous brand.

In recent years, it has focused on creating core brand values around “security and anti-counterfeiting”, and has established strategic partnerships with research institutes in the fields of design anti-counterfeiting, material anti-counterfeiting, printing anti-counterfeiting, and information anti-counterfeiting.

In order to build a security anti-counterfeiting research and development base, it has been identified as Guangdong Intelligent Anti-Counterfeiting Verification Engineering Technology Research Center and has more than 30 own intellectual property rights and invention patents.

Based on China to seeing the world, it shares a deep history and a sense of pioneering and innovation.

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