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Initiative of Security Identification Union

Proposal on Combating Novel Coronavirus and 

Meeting Future Market Challenges


Dear Sirs:


We are paying close attention to the prevention and control of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China. We are pleased to see that there are no cases of novel coronavirus confirmed among industry peers. We extend our respect to those from our industry, who have been fighting the epidemic across the country, especially those in Wuhan City and other areas in Hubei Province. Considering the short-term or long-term, direct or indirect adverse effects caused by the epidemic on economy, including the security identification sector, we hereby issue the following initiatives to enterprises and organizations:


1. Be confident. We believe that under the leadership of the government, we can overcome the epidemic and restore the normal economy activities as soon as possible;


2. Self-encouragement. In addition to laws, policy guidance and support, we should rely on our own strength to overcome the epidemic and make every effort to ensure the health and safety of enterprises, colleagues and family members. Firstly, we should take various protective measures as required by national and regional policies, including delaying the resumption of business. Secondly, we should immediately act and take all proper measures to deal with the difficulties and impacts caused by the epidemic;


3. Help each other. Security Identification Union and Security Document Summit Committee (hereafter referred to SIU & SDS) is giving donations through various channels. We hope that industry peers can help each other during such special period and share your own information about measures for resuming the business or related suggestions to SIU & SDS. We will help to overcome the epidemic through website, Wechat, newsletter and other media platforms. In the event of demands for protective materials, we hope you can provide assistance or contact SIU & SDS.


4. Jointly meet the challenge. After the epidemic alert is lifted, all enterprises and organizations should start the work of resuming the business and reducing damage. SIU & SDS will also provide the following support:


(1) SIU & SDS will join forces with relevant organizations as soon as possible to initiate the investigation on the impact of the disaster and the response measures, including seminars, company visits and investigational study, information communication, releasing the research reports, etc.;


(2) SIU & SDS will focus on communicating with relevant government authorities and key customers, exchanging supply and demand information and striving for more market and technological upgrading opportunities for enterprises in the industry;


(3) SIU & SDS will strengthen the communication and cooperation with all companies in the international market. In addition to calling on the national enterprises to work hard, we hope companies from the overseas can provide support as well. Finally, we hope we can work together to overcome the novel coronavirus.


Thank you! We wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology (CIAPST) Security Identification Union

Chairman: WANG Yaohua

Honorary Chairman: XU Wencai, YANG Wentian, MA Pizhong, YU Rui

Security Document Summit Committee

February 3, 2020


Security Identification Union
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