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Interpol will deliver a speech at SDS


Malik Alibegovic works as a Forensic Analyst at INTERPOL's Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents Branch in Lyon, France. His remit includes a range of activities and initiatives aimed at the prevention and suppression of the counterfeiting of currency and other security documents. Malik holds a bachelor’s degree in Printing Management from the London College of Printing and a master's degree in Financial Investigations and Financial Crime from Teesside University.


Our increasingly globalized world has enabled more people to cross international borders than in any of the previous decades. International travel is expected to increase even further. A complex geopolitical landscape characterised also by a rise in transnational crime and terrorism poses a formidable challenge to law enforcement agencies and has significant implications for the movement of people across borders.

In the current security landscape, there is an increased need for law enforcement agencies to have access to relevant, useful and timely information, while at the same time guaranteeing that basic principles of privacy are maintained. INTERPOL actively pursues solutions that help identify, prevent and disrupt global threats to the security of countries and their citizens. Some of those threats are linked to criminal activities involving false and fraudulent identity and travel documents.

This presentation will describe INTERPOL’s role and its response to document fraud, including some of the existing tools and the latest developments in this fast-evolving environment. These include new automated data-sharing systems and other solutions that address technological and logistical challenges while enhancing and integrating border security procedures.

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