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KURZ registered for the 15th SDS

KURZ is a worldwide leader in thin film technology with over 5,000 employees.
KURZ develops and manufactures decorative and functional coatings that are applied to carrier foils and employed for a wide variety of products: for automotive components, cell phones, TVs, washing machines, furniture, packaging, books, textiles, bottle labels, bank cards and lots more.

KURZ coatings decorate products, enhance brands, label goods, protect surfaces and prevent counterfeiting. Moreover, KURZ inserts optical elements with digital functions, linking the visual to the virtual world.
KURZ provides complete solutions that include project consultancy plus machine and die technology. The KURZ Group has over 30 sites worldwide and produces under standardized quality and environmental standards in Europe, Asia, and the USA. With a global network of subsidiaries, agencies and sales offices, we ensure short paths, reliable delivery and individual on-site assistance.
The KURZ group offers holistic and future-oriented solutions with the following innovation parks:

OVD Kinegram - security and management of light
PolyIC - printed functionalities
h+m - stamping tool technology
BAIER - application machines
BURG DESIGN - automobile industry
ISIMAT - printing machines for direct printing
KURZDIGITAL - digital solutions

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