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Beijing Huase Tech Co., Ltd, established in March 2007. the exclusive sales company of Atlantic Zeiser GmbH in China. The main sales of its Banknote Numbering Printing system, Cards Personalization and security printing integration equipment in China. Devote continuously to providing sophisticated personalization, customization and track & trace solutions. Besides Atlantic Zeiser GmbH, and is also professional agent for the companies as follows:
Tullis Russell ( UK) . Provide paper for banknote, stamps, passports, visa and security printing.  
Multifeeder Technology Inc. ( USA ). Provide small and medium size sheet feeder and high speed transport machine.
Security Foiling Limited (UK ). Hot stamping for certificate and cards, Provide manual / automatic holographic hot stamping desktop machine
Intimus International GmbH(Germany). provide industrial shredder for confidential files destroyed.



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OVD Kinegram AG (Zug, Switzerland)

OVD Kinegram is an innovative, global leader in the supply of advanced Optically Variable Devices, designed to protect government documents and banknotes. More than 100 countries have placed their trust in the KINEGRAM security device to protect their high security documents and banknotes. OVD Kinegram is based in Switzerland and is a member of the KURZ Group. The Swiss made KINEGRAM security elements offer simple communication and verification as well as the most secure level of copy protection.

In order to protect the portrait and the data and to verify the authenticity of the document, the security element KINEGRAM can be connected to the document in multiple ways and on all possible substrates. As overlay in passports and many forms of plastic ID cards

(KINEGRAM® TKO, KINEGRAM® GUARD), as hot foil stamping patch or stripe in paper

documents, passports and banknotes, as embedded security element in polycarbonate passport data pages or government issued ID cards (KINEGRAM® PCI) or as a sticker (KINEGRAM® MOVE) for official vehicle registration.

In addition, OVD Kinegram also offers a new RFID inlay solution (KINEGRAM® RFID) based on a new additive copper antenna process. The solution not only demonstrates improved electronic performance but it also introduces new possibilities for future government document designs. This unique manufacturing technique is fully exploited using proprietary double-sided antenna designs optimized for maximum performance and security.

In the exclusive field of physical security elements for government issued ID documents and banknotes, OVD Kinegram has been the leading innovator for over 30 years. Today development trends at OVD Kinegram point clearly in the direction of integration. This implies that digital and physical technologies in an optimal combination are offering a new, higher level of protection from counterfeiting and manipulation.  


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Gietz AG

Gietz AG, Switzerland, founded in 1892, is a byword for reliability in the security industry. A pioneer in hologram transfer technology, 1986 Gietz supplied the world’s first FSA NOTA machine with hologram positioning capability overseas. As from 1990 more than 50 FSA NOTA machines were exported exclusively in the field of banknote printing. Gietz’ latest innovation within the security range is the FSA 1060 Foil Commander NOTA closing the gap to the super-size format by applying hologram patches and stripes on banknotes of any substrate as well as official governmental documents. Additional thereon Gietz is supplying as well solutions in web-to-web or web-to-sheet applications (e.g. Paper Mills) for banknotes or other high security applications such as cheques, tax stamps and other official documents.


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AlpVision is the world's leader in digital invisible technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection. In 2001, the company invented a breakthrough authentication technology, widely used today by Forbes 2000 companies include Pharmaceutical, tobacco, spirit, banknote and jewelry.


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Suzhou Image Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou Image Laser Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative enterprise, orienting toward the R & D of hologram anti-counterfeiting technology and products. As Member of China Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Association, International Hologram Manufacturer Association, 5th Year Gold Supplier of Alibaba, Image Laser own different patents and copyrights in hologram encryption anti-counterfeiting techs and designing, we provide clients with integrated anti-counterfeiting solution in developing, designing, production, and sales.

Image Laser, as the pioneer of hologram industry, keeps researching and developing full set of hologram industry machinery independently, including holographic photography system, dot matrix master machine, mechanical master combination, UV master combination machine, electroforming system. These machines are widely applied in printing, packaging, electronics, and hologram factories both home and abroad.
On our production line, there are equipments including embossing, glue & coating, positioned hot stamping & die cutting, UV printing, de-metalizing, slitting, laser numbering and inkjet printing. Our anti-counterfeit labels and materials are certified by Anti-counterfeiting Institute of China, authorized by National Industry Production Permission. We supply anti-counterfeiting labels in form of hologram, printing, positioned de-metalized hologram, and films in categories of hologram positioned hot stamping, hologram cold stamping, color-changing cold stamping, DID optical anti-counterfeiting, laser transfer, card-protection, ID card protection, tear tape etc.


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Shanghai Guanzhong Optical Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Guanzhong Optical Technology Co., Ltd is a Well-known enterprise of Laser anti-counterfeiting industry in China. During these 10 years we always get the customer's praise and the respect of peers by Accumulating experience in Microstructure optical anti-

counterfeiting.Investment in high quality machinery, technical achievement, operator training and new products developing will ensure that Shanghai Guanzhong Optical Technology Co., Ltd maintains our position as the premier supplier of Laser anti-counterfeiting with top quality of service. We get patents for Microstructure optical anti-counterfeiting applications. We have also passed the ISO9001 international quality certification and the international environment standard ISO14001.Guanzhong is looking forward to working together with you and contributing to you and the society a better life for the future.


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Dande Image Master Co.,Ltd.Zhuhai

Dande Image Master Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hengqin, National free trade zone,Zhuhai, Guangdong Prov., China. Based on the patents in Image processing & information security technology, Dande provides high-quality “Intelligent Packaging” products and services for customers. Business covers the whole country and quickly extended to North America and other overseas areas. Dande combines the digital image technology with packaging printing technology, to meet the urgent demands of packaging security, and to make the packaging connect Internet with various information functions, by using "smartphone + Internet + cloud“ mode,to make the packaging “intelligent”.


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T-Security Inc.

Our mission is to become a global provider of cross-functional security related solutions that you can afford to use to protect your product against counterfeit and fraud.

T-Security owns advanced intaglio printing、high-end holographic technologies and so on. Serve thousands of clients and improve professional knowledge from different industries constantly over the past 31 years. In addition, a newly developed technology of hidden various data is integrated to our customized total solutions to provide extended services to solve your problems in security control. Keeping up with technology is more than a statement.

Customers, employees and shareholders are indispensable for us to sustain growth.
Hence, we will make all efforts to achieve our goals of:
1.  Delivering the best solutions for our customers and their business.
2.  Ensuring every employee is respected, motivated, and treated equally.
3.  Pursuing the maximum, realistic profits for our stockholders.


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Huizhou Foryou Optical Technology Co.,Ltd

Huizhou Foryou Optical Technology Co.,Ltd (“FYOTEC”) was founded in 1996, focusing on development, application and promotion of special materials. Optical Changeable Effect Pigment (OCEP)  and Optical Changeable Effect Ink (OCEI)  are products used in high security for anti-counterfeiting, of which we have spent 20 years developing and improving. Throughout the world, we have provided protective services to secure security documents for governments and valuable brands for their owners.

The newly developed Magnetic Optical Changeable Effect Pigment(MagOri ) is our upgraded product from Optical Changeable Effect Pigment, heading one of the highest fields of the security industry. The Nano-grade fragment aluminum pigment(MirrorAL) with its high gloss and metallic texture has been put into serving decoration effect for various packages. FYOTEC is one of the Guangdong high-tech enterprises, part of the Torch Program, and member of the China Anti-counterfeit Technology Association and the China Anti-Counterfeit Industry. 


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Muehlbauer Group

Muehlbauer Group, established in Germany, 1981, now is a reliable one-stop smart identification technology integration service provider integrating smart card, e-passport, semiconductor micro-chip processing, RFID smart label and film solar cell assembly technologies, employing about 3000 staffs for over 5000 units of facilities worldwide.


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