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Inner Mongolia yinan technology development co. LTD

The company was founded and is located in RuYi economic and technological development zone of Hohhot which is the administration center of Inner Mongolia,the capital of Hohhot. The company is approved by the Ministry of public security second generation ID card reading device and the second generation ID card fingerprint verification equipment manufacturing enterprises; Determination of the State Encryption administration of the autonomous region only a designated commercial cipher products production and marketing enterprises; only a collection of Autonomous machines and financial tax register designated production enterprise of the State Administration of Taxation four ministries identified; and also a national high-tech enterprises, software enterprises; the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, IC card and IC card read-write machine certification certification.

The company is the developer of terminal equipment and product development, manufacturing and application software system of domestic senior professional engaged in the acquisition and application of data; data acquisition and maintenance service providers is developed; a variety of biological identification anti-counterfeiting technology provider; is a famous brand of comprehensive prevention and control system of public security and the second generation ID card based the national name system of credit system construction of the two areas of business, has developed a yin'an through police and r r two series of products.

Years of investment in science and technology, accumulate steadily determines yin'an Science & technology, brilliant tomorrow. All over the country and the industry in Beijing, Shanghai, sales network in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Haikou and other branches, as well as the ICBC, China Construction Bank, agricultural bank, Chinese Chinese postal savings bank, China Everbright Bank, China Merchants Bank, industrial bank, Chinese China Telecom, China Mobile, Hubei Unicom, Huangshi public security, Sichuan public security for the products should be right and project the maintenance of the impressive performance. The majestic silver brand rise. Yinan technology and become the real name system, safe city construction enterprise brand.


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T-Security Inc.

Our mission is to become a global provider of cross-functional security related solutions that you can afford to use to protect your product against counterfeit and fraud.

T-Security owns advanced intaglio printing、high-end holographic technologies and so on. Serve thousands of clients and improve professional knowledge from different industries constantly over the past 35 years. In addition, a newly developed technology of hidden various data is integrated to our customized total solutions to provide extended services to solve your problems in security control. Keeping up with technology is more than a statement.


Customers, employees and shareholders are indispensable for us to sustain growth.
Hence, we will make all efforts to achieve our goals of:
        1.  Delivering the best solutions for our customers and their business.
        2.  Ensuring every employee is respected, motivated, and treated equally.
        3.  Pursuing the maximum, realistic profits for our stockholders.


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Adsure® is a professional manufacturer of Security Tamper-Evident Packaging products for Banks, Armored Car Companies, CIT companies, Police,Government ,Airlines, Medicine and Retail Chain Stores.

Adsure® = Advanced Technology to Ensure security packaging
                 = The Quality and Trusted partner for Security Packaging
For more information, please visit: www.adsurepackaging.com


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Suzhou Image Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou Image Laser Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative enterprise, orienting toward the R & D of hologram anti-counterfeiting technology and products. As Member of China Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Association, International Hologram Manufacturer Association, 5th Year Gold Supplier of Alibaba, Image Laserown different patents and copyrights in hologram encryption anti-counterfeiting techs and designing,we provide clients with integrated anti-counterfeiting solution in developing, designing, production, and sales.Image Laser, as the pioneer of hologram industry, keeps researching and developing full set of hologram industry machinery independently, including holographic photography system, dot matrix master machine, mechanical master combination, UV master combination machine, electroforming system. These machines are widely applied in printing, packaging, electronics, and hologram factories both home and abroad.

On our production line, there are equipments including embossing, glue & coating, positioned hot stamping & die cutting, UV printing, de-metalizing, slitting, laser numbering and inkjet printing. Our anti-counterfeit labels and materials are certified by Anti-counterfeiting Institute of China, authorized by National Industry Production Permission. We supply anti-counterfeiting labels in form of hologram, printing, positioned de-metalized hologram, and films in categories of hologram positioned hot stamping, hologram cold stamping, color-changing cold stamping, DID optical anti-counterfeiting, laser transfer, card-protection, ID card protection, tear tape etc.Image Laser successfully developed a unique domestic production line for micro-structure optical anti-counterfeiting film with proprietary intellectual property rights. With an annual output of 300 million piece films related to legal certificates, exit - entry documents, passes of large-scale activities and so on, the line is equipped with high-level quality inspection team and production process research team, in order to assure high-quality for high-end anti-counterfeiting products.

During the management, we not only pay attention to product quality, but also focus on enterprise culture construction. We regularly organize professional skill trainings, outdoor trainings, cultural shows and many other activities to cultivate staff quality. All of these aim to develop ourselves sustainably and healthily. As a well-known enterprise in Chinese anti-counterfeiting field and one of legal units in national anti-faking industry, Suzhou Image deserves your trust and cooperation.


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Shanghai Hongdun Anti-Counterfeit Matenal

About company
Shanghai Hongdun Anti-Counterfeit Material Co.,Ltd.was founded in April 1997,invested by Changjiang Co.,Ltd and the First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security of People’s Republic of China. As a high-tech enterprise engaged in developing national anti-counterfeit certificates based on technology of physcial engineering.Hongdun is the designated supplier of security film for the First and Second Generation ID cards

(People’s Republic of China). Till now,Hongdun has supplied more than1.5 billion pieces of film to various national certificates,including ID Card,Driving License ,Hong Kong and Macao Travelling Pass,Police Certificate Of Ministry of Justice, and Road Permit.
Hongdun has well-equipped with advanced chemistry labs,holographic plate-making centers,product testing centers and pilot scale test labs.Hongdun was awarded the Chinese ministerial prize in 1st grade in science and technology progress and 2nd grade award in national science and technology.
 Hongdun possesses advanced anti-counterfeit film production lines, and also provide our clients with various relevant services.We can produce more than 300 million pieces of anti-counterfeiting film on various card or paper certificates every year.
Hongdun has been rewar
 ded with “the civilized unit in Shanghai”and "the best employees satisfactory enterprise in Shanghai”in consecutive years. "Scientific Management, Strong Scene of Respinsibility, Standard Pragmaticism, Innovative Thinking and Excellent refinement" are our forever standard. We have always emphasized the importance customers' needs.
Thank you for choosing us, Shanghai Hongdun Anti-Counterfeit Material Co., Ltd


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Suzhou Nanoforever Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Suzhou Nanoforever Material Technology Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou Industrial Park, focus on nanophotonics technology development and industrialization application. We are a high-tech enterprise which is concerned with the development, production, sale and technical service of new photonic crystal material.Structural color from photonic crystal is generated by micro-nano structure with periodically arrangement, which is different from normal color caused by pigment or dye, it shows unique iridescence and color changes with observation angel shift. This special color can be widely used in package printing/anti-counterfeit/intelligent packaging industries, which can reduce high pollution in traditional dye industry and lower cost for downstream industry.


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Xagic Technology Co

Xagic Technology Co., Ltd. In Shanghai, pecialized in development, production and application of liquid crystal polymers (LCP), strives to become a world LCP competence center.

Xagic is proficient in LCPs materials production, photo induced molecule alignment technology, and micro optical structure design. Thanks to these core technologies, Xagic creates series LCP films with special optical features. These films are attractively used in LCD/OLED displays, anti-counterfeit, decoration, packing and so on.

Please visit Xagic in www.xagic.cn to get more information about us.


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Wenzhou ChaoFa Paper Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou ChaoFa Paper Co., Ltd. (short as “ChaoFa Paper”) is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of special anti-fake paper, and a member of China Anti-Counterfeit Technology Association.

ChaoFa Paper is the world’s only company owning cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting patented paper making technology used to manufacture the hollow outs of fonts, strokes and graphical patterns (skylight).

(1) Independent research and development: (black watermark, white watermark, color watermark paper).
(2) Independent research and development: (the deviation of positioning accuracy of a variety of metal wires is less than 1 mm).
(3) Independent research and development: (metal wire weaving technology of fonts and patterns on a variety of paper products).
(4) Independent research and development: (the hollow out technology of graphical symbols and fonts in English, digital, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and so on).
(5) Independent research and development: all kinds of anti-fake paper (An anti-fake metal wire is threading through the middle of the anti-fake paper.

Meanwhile, the hollow outs of fonts, strokes and graphical patterns with an accuracy of 100% is used on the metal wire and below the paper pulp).
ChaoFa Paper obtained a number of national high-tech cutting-edge paper anti-counterfeiting patent technology, and filled the gaps in the products of banknote printing factory and paper making industry home and aboard. ChaoFa Paper produces following hollow-out anti-fake paper with anti-fake metal wire skylight:

(copperplate paper, white cardboard, ash bottom whiteboard, bond paper, aluminum platinum paper, color fiber paper, thermo sensitive paper, coated duplex board with white back, invoice paper, kraft paper,  and double gummed paper and so on with a weight of 50-500 grams). In addition, ChaoFa Paper also produces colored fiber yarn, fluorescent fiber yarn, anti-fake chromatography, anti-fake digital chromatography, anti-fake graphics, anti-fake hollow-out of fonts and strokes, anti-fake English and Chinese words, laser anti-counterfeit fluorescent line, cigarette box opening line, anti-counterfeit color line, etc…These products are mainly used in a variety of products: (self-adhesive labels, credentials, 


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Shenzhen Huazhenglian Industrial Co.,Ltd

Internationa l Security Technology Ltd. (IST) is a leading solution supplier and researcher in the target safety protection and identification field. It focuses on researching and providing advanced solution to personal

information collection, card individualization production, credential automation management and distribution and automatic passage control system. Be beneficial from over 20 years’ rich experience, it can offer

customization, project management implementation, system integration, maintenance as well as training service, according to various customer needs.

IST’s document personalization & production solution has been widely used in various fields. Such as domestic and international ID, Driving license, Heath card, Conference ID and card for Government project. It owns mature products and extensive applied experience in population information management, biometric recognition technology, card anti-counterfeiting materials and image processing technology. Since 2004, 80% of the card producers in China have been supported by IST and more than 1 billion cards were made. 


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Beijing Ruiyuan Huade Technology Co., Ltd.

"Beijing Ruiyuan Huade Technology Co., Ltd. who’s headquarter based in Beijing, the sales and service network covers all the country. We have after-sales service centers and branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chongqing, Kunming, Shenzhen, Guiyang, Nanning, Changsha, Harbin, Fuzhou, Urumqi and other places. The company is committed to bring in foreign advanced proactive security, security checks, electronic data recovery / analysis, forensic and other industry-specific equipment, all equipment are widely used in civil aviation, border control, taxation, banking, securities, logistics and other industries. We always follow the purposes of "good products, good service" to ensure that our users get high level products, high grade technology, high quality service.


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