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Wood & Associates International Ltd

Wood & Associates International is a group of four companies making a platform for interfacing China with the west. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China PRC, the special activities and expertise of the four companies consist of:

W&A Consulting which provides independent expert advice to selected clients in China regarding western technology and business planning.
W&A  Investments identifies and facilitate the c
 reation of JV opportunities in China on behalf of private sector investors.
W&A Export identifies and facilitate export markets and sales opportunities for Chinese goods and services. Finally,
W&A Tech Transfer identifies, sources and imports high-technology equipment into China as a service to selected clients.

In our presentation to SDS 2017, we present holographic, micro and nano origination technologies available to Chinese companies aimed at making Chinese holographic products compete successfully in international markets.

We will make a comparison between our small and large format holographic origination machines called Firefly and Dragonfly respectively. Our award winning Firefly system is now market leader in China and incorporates overt, covert and forensic features all in a single, beautiful master.  It’s large format Dragonfly cousin is fresh to market and will be officially introduced to China here at SDS 2017 for the first time.

The market areas of particular interest are the mid to high security markets and the high volume brand protection market which uses holographic foils and laminates for decorative purposes. This combination of attractive visual effects for brand enhancement together with security elements for brand protection is a winning combination for international business development.


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Dande Image Master Co.,Ltd.,Zhuhai

Dande focuses on the research of image processing and technology in the field of “intelligentpackaging”, and provides solutions to help customers to prevent their products fromcounterfeiting and have more interactive marketing services.

Dandeownsa number of image-related intellectual property rights including invention patents, utility model patents, software and copyright etc.With the combination of printing technology, the product realizes锚点intelligent anti-counterfeiting. Dandeprovidesanti-counterfeit packaging design, anti-counterfeiting label and anti-counterfeit adhesive tape.

By using "smart phones + mobile Internet + cloud"model,Dande also provides comprehensive solutions in anti-transregional trade, micro-marketing and brand building.
/a>intelligent anti-counterfeiting. Dandeprovidesanti-counterfeit packaging design, anti-counterfeiting label and anti-counterfeit adhesive tape.

2016, Dande was awarded the "Technical innovation award" and "Outstanding case award"by the Ministry of Public Security, andobtained the national anti-counterfeiting product certificate in 2017.
providesanti-counterfeit packaging design, anti-counterfeiting label and anti-counterfeit adhesive tape.



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DiARTs AG(中国)

DiARTs AG S.A. is headed by the former Technical Director and co-founder of Light Impressions Europe, Mr. Ken Harris.

Light Impressions set the world standard for embossed holographic services and this continues with DiARTs. State of the art OVD and other optical methods of technology is now available from us.

DiARTs is currently involving itself in technology transfers and joint ventures form high end security projects throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Our services are available anywhere on the globe. DiARTs offers the highest quality technology, equipment and service and has established affordable pricing for these technology transfers.


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Company Profile

Guangdong Pearl River Specialty Paper Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as PSPC) is a comprehensive specialty paper enterprise with the integration of papermaking, coating and deep processing. PSPC covers an area of 160 mu, with  total construction area of 40000 m² for production, living and office. We staff 200 people and the total assets of 300 million Yuan.

PSPC is a professional manufacturer which specialized in all kinds of industrial and civil specialty paper, with captive power plant. It has three paper production lines, one South China's largest BMB coated paper production line imported from Switzerland and two 1880 super calender (with controllable crown roll) from Germany. The current annual production is 40000 tons of specialty paper and will increase to 150000 tons with the expansion project of 5 more paper production line and two coating production line and one waste paper processing line.

PSPC will be a professional manufacturer for: food packaging paper, medical packaging paper, textured paper, protective paper, high-grade color paper, thermal transfer paper, water transfer paper, sports and welfare lottery ticket paper , high iron ticket paper etc, as well as the existing train ticket paper, stamp anti-counterfeiting paper, water marked paper, white Kraft paper, dyeing paper, waterproof anti fake coated paper, coated paper, stamp paper, drawing paper, special packing paper.

PSPC is the exclusive manufacturer of railway ticket paper in China. Some high-end products are exported to developed countries. For environmental protection, PSPC had spent large sum of money in the construction of wastewater biochemical treatment facilities and environmental boilers that meet national standards, so as to ensure the emissions indicators are chronically below national standards. PSPC always adheres to environmental protection production, clean production and production safety.
  In 2013, PSPC obtained the Guangdong high-technology products certificate and was selected as the second batch of high-growth small and medium-side enterprises in Guangdong province. In 2014, PSPC was recognized as Guangdong "New high-tech enterprise " and "Taxpaying credit grade A company". In the same year, PSPC obtained the "National production permit for anti-counterfeiting paper" issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. In 2017, PSPC was awarded FSC-COC Certificate and passed ISO14001 environment management system certification.

PSPC will continue to play leader’s advantages of specialty paper production in domestic, implement growth-oriented strategy and devote itself to do good and better main business of specialty paper. Meanwhile, PSPC will extend related industry of paper making to fulfill leaping development of company and become a leading company in the specialty paper industry in China!



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Shanghai Hongdun Anti-Counterfeit Matenal

About company
Shanghai Hongdun Anti-Counterfeit Material Co.,Ltd.was founded in April 1997,invested by Changjiang Co.,Ltd and the First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security of People’s Republic of China. As a high-tech enterprise engaged in developing national anti-counterfeit certificates based on technology of physcial engineering.Hongdun is the designated supplier of security film for the First and Second Generation ID cards

(People’s Republic of China). Till now,Hongdun has supplied more than1.5 billion pieces of film to various national certificates,including ID Card,Driving License ,Hong Kong and Macao Travelling Pass,Police Certificate Of Ministry of Justice, and Road Permit.
Hongdun has well-equipped with advanced chemistry labs,holographic plate-making centers,product testing centers and pilot scale test labs.Hongdun was awarded the Chinese ministerial prize in 1st grade in science and technology progress and 2nd grade award in national science and technology.
 Hongdun possesses advanced anti-counterfeit film production lines, and also provide our clients with various relevant services.We can produce more than 300 million pieces of anti-counterfeiting film on various card or paper certificates every year.
Hongdun has been rewar
 ded with “the civilized unit in Shanghai”and "the best employees satisfactory enterprise in Shanghai”in consecutive years. "Scientific Management, Strong Scene of Respinsibility, Standard Pragmaticism, Innovative Thinking and Excellent refinement" are our forever standard. We have always emphasized the importance customers' needs.
Thank you for choosing us, Shanghai Hongdun Anti-Counterfeit Material Co., Ltd


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Shenzhen Huazhenglian Industrial Co.,Ltd

Internationa l Security Technology Ltd. (IST) is a leading solution supplier and researcher in the target safety protection and identification field. It focuses on researching and providing advanced solution to personal

information collection, card individualization production, credential automation management and distribution and automatic passage control system. Be beneficial from over 20 years’ rich experience, it can offer

customization, project management implementation, system integration, maintenance as well as training service, according to various customer needs.

IST’s document personalization & production solution has been widely used in various fields. Such as domestic and international ID, Driving license, Heath card, Conference ID and card for Government project. It owns mature products and extensive applied experience in population information management, biometric recognition technology, card anti-counterfeiting materials and image processing technology. Since 2004, 80% of the card producers in China have been supported by IST and more than 1 billion cards were made. 


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brief introduction

Tianjin Yuan Zhen Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the development and manufacture of printing chemicals. Founded in 1994, is located in Tianjin hi tech zone.

Our main products include dampening liquid, traditional cleaning agent, non flash cleaning agent, water-based varnish, powder spraying and printing auxiliary material.

The product is suitable for anti-counterfeiting printing, newspaper printing, publishing and printing and packaging printing, at the same time we can also be for different enterprises tailored to specific products, provide personalized solutions and targeted technical service to customers. At the same time, the company also sells self-developed printing chemicals raw materials, and sincerely look forward to be your reliance on partners.

  Among them, "no flash combustion ink cleaning agent" series of products is our company's invention patents, access to the Ministry of environmental protection, "China environmental labeling (type II) product certification.". Once on the market, it has been widely recognized by high-end customers. Completely changed the history of the use of dangerous goods detergent in the printing industry, and made a positive contribution to society in safety.

  As a professional printing chemicals manufacturer, we not only pay attention to the quality of various raw materials, but also know that environmental protection is important to protect and promote the environment.
It is our duty to actively promote and promote green printing and safe printing. Sustainable R & D investment as independent explorer and rule changer.


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Winson Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Our company has the advantage in terms of technology and price, which brought a lot of opportunities for building strategic partnership with some well-known system Integrators to jointly commit to the global promotion of RFID products.

Our products can be applied in various fields , such as :card, flexible self-adhesive tag, inlay, label, garment woven label, garment printed label, breakable paper label , alcohol anti-forgery label, jewelry label, metal-proof tag, injection tag, ear tag, special-shaped card. We have made great achievements for the metal-proof tag, water-proof tag, high temperature resistance tag, etc.

Since 2011, we began to focus on the development of conductive silver paste printing technology. Our team overcame many technical difficulties, generally became a leading supplier of the conductive silver paste printing RFID label.  At the same time, we signed strategic cooperation agreements with some famous international brands as follows:
1.  Winson is an authorized producer of silver paste antenna for Impinj RFID tags.
2.  Winson is an authorized producer of silver paste antenna for Alien RFID tags.
Winson will stick to the principle that “Dedication ensures quality, excellence makes reputation” and try our best to promote the application of RFID technology in China!


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Evolis designs, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of printing systems and plastic card personalization solutions.

Plastic cards are used everywhere, for ID badges, payment cards, transit passes, access badges, loyalty cards, student ID cards, national ID cards, and so much more.

Evolis' goal is to make plastic card printing widely available, offering cost effective solutions for printing high quality cards easily, quickly and on the spot.

Evolis card printers come with all the options needed to personalize all types of cards:
• graphics,
• magnetic stripes
• electronics (contact and contactless RFID smart cards).

Evolis is now ranked as the market leader worldwide. Our expertise is recognized by systems integrators, key accounts and end users for a wide variety of projects.

You too can benefit from our leadership, our proven solutions and our international expertise. For more information: www.evolis.com


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PETREL, a french Company, is one of the main producers of  Security Inks, with a permanent contact with our customers , with a constant objective to develop new inks for new protection against falsifications and imitations, with inks formulated for offset, silk-screen, flexography and gravure printing processes.

PETREL also manufactures Security fibres used by the producers of security papers and Security stitching threads used for the sewing of passports and other security booklets. 


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